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continuous aluminum and copper extrusion machine for bus bar

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cost saving continuous aluminum and copper extruding machine for bus bar busduct round tube  extrusion machine extruder press continuous aluminum and copper extruding machine for bus bar busduct round tube extrusion machine


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Following are the characters of copper extruding technology compared with traditional drawing technology:
1 . Use pure copper with same specification as raw material, different kinds of copper alloy can also be used. It' s convenient to prepare the material.
2.Annealing is not required as extruding process cause thermal Deformation.The equipment has remarkable energy saving character and good uniform feature.
3.The production methodology is simple because die arrangement is not required as one mold form the shape directly. It's convenient to change the mold.
4.With accurate dimensions and fine finish, our products possess very good mechanicalproperty and electric conduction property.
5.especially suitable for mass varieties and small batches production because the production process is fast and convenient.You need only change one mold when  changing the product.
6.With compact structure, the equipment occupies less land.The equipment as well as the factory building cost little investment, and the operating cost is small.
7.With lower labor intensity, the equipment need less operators and have the characters of energy saving, environment protection and less methodology loss.