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aging oven(aluminum extrusion auxiliary equipment )

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The aging oven can be designed&produced according to the length and shape of the aluminum profille. 
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Giansun aging ovens is a kind of indispensable production equipment for aluminum profile manufacturer. It is designed to deliver rapid, complete aging of every profile, which translates into maximum profile quality and throughput and a dramatic reduction in scrap. With the characteristics of fastest heat-up, uniformity, high Thermal efficiency.


Main technical specification of the Giansun aging ovens:

Design: both single and double-door are available

Max working temp: 250

Production: 2-6 cases

Heating method: electricity type ,natural gas

Total electric power

Furnace door: electricity type up and down

Heat-preservation material: silicic acid aluminum fibre cotton

chamber temperature tolerance: ±5


Special order about the oven also available, Pls feel free to contact us for more details.


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